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Don Rosa wrote:
> 	Disney comic editors who are women: actually, though she is a master 
> colorist and very nice lady, the female editor at Disney comics 
> was only moved into that position because everyone else QUIT. However,
> until just a few weeks ago, the editor-in-chief of Egmont's 
> entire Disney division was a woman, and the editor of Sweden's branch of 
> Egmont-Disney is a woman.

If I'm not mistaken, the Dutch Disney staff has 5 or 6 women, doing
editing work (like answering readers' letters). Apparently, editing comics
is more a woman's job than writing/drawing comic stories.

> 	Me and Holland: I only did some stuff for Oberon in between jobs at
> Gladstone. They don't produce a fraction of the amount of stuff 
> as does world-spanning Egmont

Well, I have seen them copy some Dutch stories literally, only redrawn and
D-coded (and the original Dutch art wasn't bad). If that's the way they
produce more stories than the Dutch...

> The Dutch weren't too thrilled with my 
> art, to their credit... but how did Harry Fluks know that??? 

I had contact with Thom Roep (the Dutch editor) for a while when
producing a 17-volume "all stories of Carl Barks" album series. I helped him
finding most of the stories, and put them in the right order (and I almost
succeeded in that...)

When your Money Pit story was reprinted in Holland, he told me it would
originally have been the lead story of the comic, but he had decided to move 
the story to the back, and take a Vicar lead story instead. He said he didn't
like your "Underground-like" drawings, with much "unnecessary details".

In the interview you gave in Advance Comics #54, you say:

>> It's much more complex doing the adventure stories. It takes a lot
>> longer, but I love doing that stuff. That's why I put all of that
>> irritating and needless detail in those things - I'm just having such
>> a good time doing them.

When I read this, I suspected you were referring to Roep's remarks about
your drawing style...

> Anyway, they must have some Dutch readers who like my weird-looking art

At least one: me. I totally disagree with Roep.

> since they always reprint everything I produce for Egmont.

And they even reprint your old Gladstone stories. But not in the DD Weekly.
The stories are reprinted in the monthly 'DD Extra'. This magazine has less
quality paper and colors. I hope they'll reprint _all_ your stories,
even if they can't translate some of your texts (like the Sneekah Peek 


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