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Dear Disney comics mail list digest,

Hello... I have a smattering of questions for Don or anyone else
who wishes to respond.  But, first I what to reply to some of the

Don wrote:

>From: Don Rosa <72260.2635 at CompuServe.com>
>Comments on the last digest:

>(Only the DUCKTALES stories are imaginary. I'd love to do a
>story where DUCKTALES is an unauthorized TV series in Duckberg
>based on $crooge's life, and $crooge must sue the creators of the
>show for slander.)

Hey, I think we all love to see this story!

>Yes, I didn't need Roep to tell me my art sucks. I dislike my
>art no end. But I'm no professional cartoonist.... I'm just
>another Barks fan living a dream while they let me. I am
>constantly puzzled as to why my stories are SO popular, first in
>America, and now the world over. Why don't people prefer all those
>NICELY drawn stories? The only answer I can see must involve my
>overly detailed art.... readers seem to sense how much fun I'm 
>having and how much extra work I put into every panel, and they
>enjoy it along with me ...? Anyway, that's all I can figure.

>From one artist (well.. okay, art-student!) to another.  An artist
is his/her own worst critic!  I've seen many other so-called
"professional cartoonist" with a lot less skill, resourcefulness
and/or sincerity in all that they say or do.  But you have to admit
if you were as BIG a `No-Talent' as you think -- you wouldn't have
gotten as far as you have.  We, as fans, realize the extra care
that you put in not only your artwork, but your stories as well. 
So, lighten up and don't be so hard on yourself (if we didn't like
what we're seeing we wouldn't be buying!!)
>Gil Milburn: You're the guy from Bardstown? 

Yes, I am the guy from Bardstown!

>Have we met or been in contact before?

Yes, we've met a couple of times and we have also spoken on the
phone many times (though not recently). 

>Where are you now did you say?

I am at Campbellsville College (a zillion miles from anywhere!).

>And thanks for all the extraordinarily nice things you say about

Your quite welcome....

Don, you also said.. 
>That's one reason that I know Disney can never succeed in their
>constant meddling with the existence of these Dell characters and
>with my career in handling them --

Good!.. keep up the excellent work!

Here is some information that was in..
> April 6, 1993  The Comics List Weekly  Vol. 3 No. 14 (Part 8 [?])

> This Week:

> Gladstone : Rosa's work - You don't know what you're missing

> Date: 05 Apr 93 14:29:02 EDT
> From: James Williams <70304.2462 at CompuServe.COM>
> Subject: Don Rosa and Egmont

> Gilbert asked about Don Rosa's European work.  Egmont, the
> world's second largest comic book publisher, holds most of the
> international licenses for Disney's characters.  Almost 
> everything Don Rosa does, except for special covers and 
> illustrations, is for Egmont.  All of the Don Rosa stories
> published by Disney Comics, were actually done for Egmont.
> There is a clause in Egmont's license which gives them 
> something like one year of exclusive use for their stories.
> After that time, Disney Comics gains the rights to publish
> these stories.

Hmmm..  sounds pretty thorough (Don has mentioned to me before that
he dose some stories only for the European market) -- nevertheless
how accurate is this? and how long is it before Gladstone gains the
rights to publish these stories in America?

James went on to say...
> For the last year or so, Don Rosa has been focusing his 
> attention on one massive project called The Life of Uncle
> Scrooge.  It is a multi-chapter story which tells the story of 
> Scrooges childhood.

Don, how far a long are you on this project?

Also in the same edition our own Per Starback
<starback at student.docs.uu.se> Uppsala, Sweden.  write:
> Most of Rosa's "European stories" have been published in the
> USA except for his series on Scrooge's youth.

Sounds a little like the publication(s) James described (is it?). 
Will this ever be available in the U.S.?  If not would any of you
over-seas collectors be interested in trading this book (or any
other stories we Yanks may not have) for copies of "The Captain
Kentucky Collections" (Volumes I-III) or the two "The
Pertwillaby(sp?) Papers"?  

p.s. Per, I already have that addition of C-L you sent me.  I still
appreciate all the help you've given me lately.

Gil Milburn<gilbert at unix.campbellsvile.edu.>   

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