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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Tue Aug 3 19:51:39 CEST 1993

Per wrote:
> At last I've gotten my account back at lysator so I can update things
> at the ftp archive there (host, directory
> /pub/comics/disney).
> Unfortunately I don't think ftpmail is up there yet, so if you can't
> use ftp you'll have to ask someone else fetch these files for you if
> you want them.  (Normally I would be a good choice for such things,
> but I'll be away for a week now--Monday to Monday.)

I got a copy of all the files, so anyone can ask me and I'll mail them.
> These things are new:
> * A new file don-rosa.germany which is a supplement to the don-rosa
> index with an incomplete listing of publications of Don Rosa's stories
> in Germany.  (Compiled by David Gerstein.)

Thank you David! You wrote in that file:
>	This is a very incomplete list.  I received my issues (of MICKY MAUS
> only) from a German food store and importer in Santa Barbara, and now and
> then their copies -- which came from remaindered stock -- never showed up. 
> Now, I have come to realize that in many cases this was entirely due to *Rosa
> stories* which must have been in them that sold out in Germany before the
> remaindering company could get at them.

It is very interesting to know that an American book shop gets copies of
German comics! 
And if some of the issues are sold out because of Rosa stories, that would
indicate that Rosa is VERY POPULAR in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, 
because, as they state themselves, "Micky Maus" is the "LARGEST YOUTH

BTW: some of the German comics are for sale in some places in Holland, too. 
Especially in tourist places, where a lot of Germans come.
I bought "Micky Maus" #30 last week, because there was a new Egmont story by
Van Horn in it.


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