Norwegian "Life of Scrooge"

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Thu Aug 5 05:46:27 CEST 1993

Comics Buyer's Guide # 1030, dated 13 August 1993, contains the con-
densed version of the Don Rosa interview which R.C. Harvey conducted
for Cartoonist PROfiles # 99.  (Last month Mr. Rosa told us that this
interview took place over a year and a half ago.)  The CBG article is
illustrated with 2 photos of Don Rosa and a cover of a Norwegian comic
book from 1992.  I can't make out what the title of the comic is, but
it prints the first part of Rosa's "Life of Scrooge" series.  At the
top is a banner line reading "SKRUES LYKKELAND" (Scrooge's Fortune),
and it shows the mature Scrooge staring at what looks like a factory,
with 2 multi-story towers rising from a broad building, but since each
tower carries a giant "KR" emblem, is this in fact a money bin?  Below
this we see that this scene is actually an imaginary one, since it
appears in a "thought balloon" rising above a very young duck in a
tattered sweater operating a shoe-shine stand on a sidewalk.  The young
duck (Scrooge?) is holding a shiney coin (the number-one dime?) in one
hand, and in the other hand he holds a copy of the "Afternoon Post"
newspaper, which bears the headline "Norge - mulighetenes land!" (Nor-
way - land of opportunities).  [I'm sure the Norwegians in this group
will correct my probably wildly incorrect translation!]  Did this comic
adapt the Life of Scrooge so that it takes place in Norway, or is that
really where part 1 of the story takes place?  Or would that be telling?
Those of us in the USA are losing patience, waiting for the series to
appear over here!

Wilmer Rivers
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