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Thu Aug 12 20:12:35 CEST 1993

Dear Disney-Comics (List & Digest),

Harry (to Don [I think?]):
> I'll send you a copy of our 'don-rosa' index in private mail. I
> have the impression that you have never seen it...

        HEY, NO FAIR!!  I want one to!  (I'm just kidding... but I
would still like YOU to send me one as well [if you don't mind] :)

Me (to Harry):
>       Hey, would you be interested in trading any European (Rosa)
> Disney Comics for his pre-Disney works?.. (say like: Don Rosa's
> Comics and Stories [The Pertwillaby Papers])

> I would, but why would you want to have European comics?

        Because I think it would be interesting to own copies of Don's
Egmont/Gutenberghus stories (which have appeared across Europe &
Asia) =D
> And: I still have to find an address where I can buy the (old) 
> Dutch comics I (you) want. Most of the time, they are available
> only in the week or month they are issued, or when they are more
> than a year old.

> I visited a Rotterdam comic shop last weekend. They had some old
> 2nd-hand DD Extras, but they looked too bad to buy them. But the
> search goes on...

        Okay, take your time (I am NOT in any sort of hurry!)

> Could someone please tell me about any non-U.S. editions of 
> Disney's The Little Mermaid?

> The Dutch edition, "De Kleine Zeemeermin", is a comic album 
> containing a D-coded (hence Egmont) story, that had been printed
> before in the Dutch Donald Duck Weekly.
> I guess that story was printed in album in Germany and 
> Scandinavia as well.

>       But I can at least tell you that the original film adaptation
> that Disney presented before it was seen in Europe was, 
> nonetheless, done completely by Egmont in Copenhagan (as any 
> LITTLE MERMAID comic should be, since that's the home of the 
> Little Mermaid). 

        All right, First off (Harry) what's a D-code (does the D
signify that it's Dutch)??  How different is the Dutch edition, in
contrast to the U.S. version?  

I guess that about covers it...

Gil Milburn <gilbert at>

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