+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #75.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Aug 16 14:44:28 CEST 1993

	There was nothing in that last digest but my message, so I'll
talk to myself:
	I checked out that WDC&S #164 and saw the use of "Miss Penny
Wise" who holds a note (i.e. a signed debt) from $crooge that would ruin
him if she called it in... he would owe her his "entire fortune".
	This is just too off-the-wall to give any credence to! There's
times when I've read a Barks story that just seems too stupid to have
been written by Barks -- for a decade or two, while I KNEW that Barks
wrote everything he drew, I still thought "The Invisible Intruder" story
(about the big bed nonsense) was damned odd -- finally I was relieved to
learn that Barks did NOT write that story, nor did he write many others
that he drew, most notably all the dumb DAISY DUCK'S DIARY and GRANDMA
DUCK'S FARM FRIENDS stuff. This "Miss Penny Wise" story has that same
feel to it -- the whole plot of Donald being a bad salesman for McDuck
Flour, making a mess of things while merely selling to several
residences, and $crooge having some reason to get upset over such a
miniscule situation is rather lame -- but when the writer (Barks or not)
finally must have a wrap-up, suddenly Donald's last customer holds a
note that could ruin $crooge, therefore Donald's messing up her kitchen
is suddenly makes a difference, even to the reader. If Barks did write
that, I say he was having a bad day, and I still say it tastes like
spinach and I say to hell with it, or however that saying goes.
	In other words, I refuse to believe that $crooge McDuck owes
every cent he ever earned to some unknown little old lady! This will be
one of the Barks "facts" that I will ignore, gladly, as I gladly ignore
the wrongheaded idea of the "Magic Hourglass". If any Barks fans wish
NOT to ignore Miss Penny Wise, they can feel free to imagine she gained
ownership of all that $crooge McDuck has sometime AFTER the events in my
"Life and Times" series. 

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