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Wed Aug 18 15:17:42 CEST 1993

Comment on Miss Penny Wise

>	I checked out that WDC&S #164 and saw the use of "Miss Penny
>Wise" who holds a note (i.e. a signed debt) from $crooge that would ruin
>him if she called it in... he would owe her his "entire fortune".
>	This is just too off-the-wall to give any credence to!

Of course it is. Scrooge talks like an old man usually does. Havent you for
instance been to a match or competition and there someone says Everything
is lost, let us fall down and die, we have nothing more to live for etc.
That is just a figure of speech, just a way of using language. We all know
that there is more to live for, there is no use to die, and even if you
lost this time, you may win at another. We, the readers, should laugh a
little when Scrooge whimps like that, because we KNOW that Scrooge feels
like losing his entire fortune whenever it is about him owing some small
amount of money to another. As I have said before, you should almost never
take Scrooge literally.

The situation must be that there is either a debt or else something that is
too painful for Scrooge to talk about - although other people do not find
that painful - that makes him behave like he does. Usually different people
find different things painful, and on quite irrational grounds, at least it
is felt irrational for other ones if they get to understand the situation.

Sorry that I have this irrational inclination to try to explain everything
by Barks...

Geir Hasnes

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