The Uncensored Mouse

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sun Aug 29 20:25:21 CEST 1993

Thanks for your combined efforts at answering my question on what was
in "The Uncensored Mouse".  I later found out that it was already
answered in David Gerstein's file "gottfredson" at the ftp archive.
As said, the first Mickey story is in #1-2, and the beginning of the
second story is in #2 (only the first three weeks).

I still don't know if to believe the frequent proposition that some
parts in #2 weren't in the public domain or not.  Maybe it was "just"
a trademark issue as some have said.  I would like to see someone not
giving in to Disney and actually meet them in court some day.  There
was a Swedish comic book with comics using Disney characters for
satirical means some years ago (Elitserien 1/85).  The author of the
duck story in it was prepared to go to court to see what would happen
after Disney reacted as expected, but unfortunately the artist wasn't
prepared for that, so something was agreed upon outside of court as
usual.  Too bad!

George Kesidis:
> I highly recommend these two comics to you guys (they used go for
> $10 each but I now sometimes see them in "quarter" bins).

I wish I could find such a quarter bin...  Well, everything comes to
him who sits and waits as I've said before, so I guess they eventually
will fall in my hat if I just wish for them.
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