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Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Feb 2 14:49:04 CET 1993

me> I recently bought some old (50's) Swedish Disney books, something I
me> haven't done for a long time.  I got a really strange feeling when I
me> found a ten-pager by Barks there that I've never read before.  It was
me> WDC 174 (Donald delivers mail on ice) which hasn't been reprinted in
me> Sweden since then,

Anders Engwall:
>This was reprinted in issue 3 of 1987, under the title "Isb}t till

I don't have many issues that late and I don't have that one, but you
are perfectly right.

>There is a fine Barks index in the Swedish price guide of 1991.

There is another Swedish Barks index, primarily sorted on Swedish
publication, printed by NAFS(k) as NAFS(k)uriren #5.  The reason I
missed the 1987 reprint of WDC 174 was because I used an *old*
machine-readable version of that index.  I've put that index on
ftp.lysator.liu.se (in pub/comics/disney/swedish/) now, but I would
really like an updated version of it instead.  Greger?  Johan?  Could
you please supply me with one?

>The choice between getting a reprint from say, 1982, and its original
>printing from 1954 is a rather delicate one, btw. Those old issues just
>look and feel *so* much better, but boy, will they cost you...
>And you always have the suspicion that the rare old gem you just spent big
>$ to obtain will be reprinted very soon. Hmm -- perhaps it's better to
>use flipism in such situations.

You'd better buy both of them, to be sure.
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