"imperialist" uncle scrooge

Jamal Hannah jamal at silver.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Feb 20 04:48:51 CET 1993

> Hello all,
> A couple of years ago I used to read Harpers Mag. 
> I remember reading that one of their contributors
> (I think he's from South America) wrote a book about
> the imperialist content in some Disney Comics, especially 
> Uncle Scrooge. I thought it was a joke so I've forgotten 
> the title of the book and author's name. 
> Does anyone know if this book really exists?
> George Kesidis

Yes, I saw that book, There was an origional copy made back around
1973 by some South American Marxist group, I think.. mabye
it was Brazilian.  There has recently been a re-issuing of
the book (it has a note on the cover about its new edition
status).. I forget the exact name, but I flipped through it
a few times.  It looked pretty interesting, and intensly critical.
Full of alot of reproductions of panels by Carl Barks.

The cover has Uncle Scrooge with a face that has been replaced
by the continents of north and south America.  Kind of a strange

 - JH

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