Information requested on new Disney items

Andrew Krieg 5-5379 krieg at
Wed Jul 7 17:43:39 CEST 1993

I just got my latest Westfield newsletter and have some questions about some
of the Disney related items included.

First off, there is a book called "Cartoonist Profiles #99" featuring our
very own Don Rosa.  Don, do you (or anyone else) have more information on
what this exactly is?  Westfield neglected to include any information on
this book, other than it is $8.00.

Next up is the book "Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge McDuck: His Life and Times".
This is a $34.95 book, but again no other information is available.  The
title sounds familiar, so this may be a reissue.  Anyone have a clue?

"Donald Duck Adventures" #23 features a Donald Duck vs. Vikings tale by
Marco Rota.  Can anyone recommend or not recommend this tale?

Thanks much.


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