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Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Jul 9 15:16:11 CEST 1993

	That is an interview with me by R.C.Harvey from about 1 1/2 years ago. One version is in that CARTOONIST PROFILES (a magazine more 
for fans of newspaper strips... they want to start doing some comic book people and since doing the stuff I do puts me light years 
closer to mainstream America than any other American who does comic books, I was one of the first they interviewed). A different 
version (longer? shorter?) has been submitted to CBG for their consideration.
	I figured someone would post the easy answer to what that $CROOGE MCDUCK: HIS LIFE AND TIMES book is. Yes, it's a paperback reprint 
of the reissue of the 1981 super-expensive hardback. It's from "Celestial Arts" and is the only nice Duck book I can think of that 
did not come from Another Rainbow. I think it came out just before Hamilton got his licenses. But somebody said it was in B&W??? 
NO! The whole point of the book was to have some artsy-fartsy artist color the old Dell photostats and make them look "special". 
Many of us think it was an interesting idea, but the stories looked weird and murky; I much prefer the color as it was meant to be, 
as it was done by Dell. And there was a new Barks story in the shape of illustrations-with-text like an old Big Little Book.

	The Donald vs. Vikings story that Gladstone is reprinting is actually a dream sequence of DD imagining the adventures of some other 
duck... NOT himself. I have now had the "honor" of drawing the only DD and the only U$ covers ("Back to Long Ago") that do NOT show 
DD or U$, but look-alikes. Anyway, the Viking story has great artwork and one GREAT slapstick gag near the beginning that seems to 
have come from some other writer and story... but the rest of the story is meandering and pointless. In fact, they plan to slice 
a number of pages out of it to try to improve it. I don't really bother to read many of those old Egmont reprints but are thay all 
like this one? Beautiful art and a story not worth bothering about?

	Gil:  fergit it. Wasn't THAT big a deal. I just got kinda stunned at the moment.

	QUESTION for all Barksbuffs!!!!!  For my "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" part XI, I am doing a story involving, in small part, 
$crooge hiring the office staff for his base office. I have Miss Quackfaster there (even though Barks may have only used her once 
or twice? How many times did he show Mrs. M.?)... but Byron Erickson says I need to also include some dog-guy named "Clerkly". Sure, 
I'm sure I recall ONE time there was a dogman in $crooge's office he called Clerkly... but did Barks ever use a character named (in 
the story) Clerkly more than one time? Or even use a character as an office worker that was clearly the same person (though unnamed) 
in more than one story???

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