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Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jul 12 15:03:49 CEST 1993

	So, it sounds like there WEREN'T any office workers who appeared in more than one old $crooge story??? That would make my life simpler -- 
if there WERE, I'll hafta spend several panels showing $crooge originally hiring him or something like that. I'd still like someone 
to tell me/ help me find where Barks used Miss Quackfaster, and if he used her more than once. I do show when $crooge first sees her -- 
naturally he doesn't hire anybody as he expects his two sisters to run things while he's globetrotting during 1903-1930... but they 
hire an office staff while he's away.
	Is there any old "sketchbook" stuff in my CARTOONIST PROFILES interview? Not any "sketchbook" stuff per se -- I've never done any 
drawing in my WHOLE life that wasn't part of a lil' handmade comic book (when I was a tad) or intended for definite publication after 
I was about high school age. I know that most/all REAL artists keep sketchbooks or practice their abilities by sketching, but I never 
have. That's probably because I never intended to do it except as a hobby, and I was never interested JUST in drawing; my interest 
has ALWAYS been strictly in telling stories... therefore there was no reason or desire for me to ever draw anything that wasn't part 
of a story.
	There IS lots of stuff I've done through the years that has been published in fanzines and school papers... but none of that is seen 
in any interview I've ever done (nor would I be very anxious that it were!). Besides, none of my old comics were "funny animal" as 
I never was a fan of that sorta stuff. I prefered adventure or horror or SF comics. Anyway, what I think IS in that PROFILES article 
is an example of how I construct a Duck story, showing my notebook pages, then thumbnail lay-outs, then storyboard/script pages, then 
penciled pages, then inked/finished pages. If anyone would care.

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