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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Tue Jul 20 19:22:45 CEST 1993

>From Kjetil Torgrim Homme:
> I'll have to check out the VG article, and may post a translation, or
> at least send one to Don, if no one beats me to it :-)

I think you won't have to do much to be the quickest: your mail even arrived 
here before Per's/Don's original mail did! Norway must be closer to Holland 
than Sweden...

> "VG" stands for "Verdens Gang" (...)
> Actually, the "largest newspaper" thing is disputable.  "Aftenposten"
> ("the Evening Post") is larger if you count their evening edition, and
> is IMO a much better newspaper. You may remember they had a 4-6 page
> feature (with no goofy shots ;-) on Disney in their weekend supplement
> A-magasinet a year ago or so, with a specially drawn front page of
> young Scrooge with his first dime (?  10 |re in Norwegian ;-)

You mean they had a ROSA cover? This is interesting news, especially for
our 'don-rosa' index! Maybe you have some more Norwegian information about
Rosa publications, like
- Where was the 'long story about books' published?
- What is the Norwegian equivalent of 'Glada Julparaden'/'Mandelgaven'?
  ('Christmas Parade')
> Kjetil T.

Welcome, Kjetil, to the club of non-silent members of the list! 8-)


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