Odds and Ends

Gilbert Milburn gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu
Wed Jul 21 19:03:30 CEST 1993

Dear Per and Everyone else,

     I 'm  really falling (FAR) behind in my postings to this 
list/digest!  One of these days I might get caught up (but not to
day!) and then again... maybe I won't.  First off I want to tell
Per "thanks" for all those missing digests you sent me.  Next to:
Mark (MacBear) McConnell <mamcconnell at happy.uccs.edu> I appreciate
your message you sent me and I'll try to write you back
(personally...  soon I hope).  I guess the primary reason I am
sssoooooooo tardyin my posts -- is I have merely an hour (or so) to
work in the lab.  Albeit that maybe sufficient time for some, it's
isn't enough for me!  So just bear with me and please be patient
with me (okay?).




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