Romano Scarpa & Pete's Trudy rich.bellacera at
Mon Mar 8 08:11:00 CET 1993


I was reading the inside front cover of "Mickey and Donald" #6 (published by
Gladstone, Oct 1988) and it was giving some background on Romano Scarpa.  In
this data it listed some of his creations for Mondadori Publishing as includinfg
including Brigitta MacBridge, Uncle Scrooge's "fiancee"; Jubal Cock, a hustling
rival of Old McDuck's; Atomino Bip-Bip, an enlarged atom who lived with
Mickey for a while; Dickie Duck, Glittering Goldie's teen-age niece; and
Trudy, Peg-leg Pete's partner in life and crime.

Werer any of these characters continuing characteres or were they "one-shots"
and if continuing, do you feel they are noteworthy enough to be listed in
my listing of Disney Characters.

I would also be interested in hearing whatever info you can provide about them.
especially "Trudy."  I had never heard that Pete had a partner other than a
weasel who's only name I'd ever seen was also Weasel.  Is Trudy (as the article
seems to imply) Pete's "wife" in these Scarpa stories?  Does anyone know of
any comics in the U.S. that some stories depicting "her" may have appeared.  I
would assume that they may have been reprinted in Gladstone or Dell.


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