The origins of HD&L

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Wed Mar 24 02:37:31 CET 1993

>If donald is Huey,Dewey and Louie's uncle then who is their father???

Actually, DD is _not_ HD&L's father's brother, but rather their sister's
brother. It is, however, a bit more complicated than that...

I'm not 100% sure of the facts here, as I don't have access to my sources,
but I think that HD&L's first appearance was in a comic by Al Taliaferro.
In this comic it was stated that their mother was Donald's sister
Dumbella. A little later the film "Donald's Nephews" gave a slightly
different version, where the mother is Donald's cousin, Della. In later
comic versions, these two persons have been combined into one; Donald's
sister Della. About HD&L's father, not much is known, but I think that
the three little rascals were sent to their uncle for the second time
because they had planted a bomb under thier father's chair (or was that
the first time?). Later the father came out of hospital, his sons returned
to him but was soon back with their uncle and that's the way it still is.

I also remember a dutch Donald Duck where there is a picture in the
beginning (not as part of a comic) where Donald is talking in the phone
asking Della when she is going to reclaim her sons. Unfortunately (for
Donald) Huey (or whoever) has unconnected the phone.

Does anyone else have additional information? Corrections?

I just thought it was about time that I made some kind of contribution to
this list. :)

  /Fredrik Ekman

P.S. Hey, Luigi! What about that wedding of Mickey? Are you gonna tell us
the details or what? D.S.

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