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--> If donald is Huey,Dewey and Louie's uncle then who is their father???

I'm afraid this is not known (to me anyway)

All I know is that Huey, Dewey and Louie's MOTHER is called DUMBELLA DUCK, 
who features very rarely in a few DD-stories. I remember she's big and fat. 
In the frist H,D and L (by the way, they are called Kwik, Kwek and Kwak in 
Dutch) story she sends them to her brother Donald for a weekend.
This weekend turned out to be, what?.. 55 years or so.

Futhermore, Dagobert is Donald's uncle so he must be Grandma Duck's brother.

Apparently Dagobert never married, and Donald has a few cousins (e.g. his rival in obtaining Daisy's love, I don't know his English name) so Grandma and Dagobert must have more sisters or brothers. 

I remember yet another another uncle of Donald, who is a scientist.
And there's another cousin who wears a green woolen cap. 

So as far as I know (please correct me or elaborate)

Grandma, Dagobert,'the Scientist",...   are siblings
Grandma + 'Unknown husband'            produced    Donald and Dumbella
'Unknown sibling of Grandma` + husband produced    Donald's cousins
Dumbella + `unknown husband'           produced    Huey, Loui and Dewey.

Please let me know, if there's more known about the Duck family line.

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