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Sat Mar 27 16:28:36 CET 1993

On 26 Mar 1993, Harry Fluks wrote:
> There was a lot of traffic on the list yesterday!
> Andreas, Luigi, Jamal, Torsten, Jellysomething, Per, Rich, Wilmer: I'll reply
> to some of your letters here:
> > What does "Hartelijke groeten" mean?
	Probably the same thing as Herzlichen Gruessen.  (Pardon my
German, it's been a while since I studied Asterix.)

> I won't tell you before you've told us everything about Mickey's wedding...
> (But you can have the hartelijke groeten again, if you wish 8-)

Anyone who wants to hear a slightly dirty joke about Mickey Mouse and his
divorce, e-mail your requests to:	torsten at

> You could also try the Dell comics list by Kjell Crone, available on our
> ftp-site...

Specifics please?
> Torsten Adair - human mothers:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > When was the last time you saw a human-looking mother in a Disney animated
> > movie?
> In "Beauty and the beast", mrs. Teapot and her son Chip (I don't know their
> exact English names). Just like the Beast, they _are_ human...

Whoops.  I meant in a leading role, like Triton or Maurice.

BTW, my favorite piece of animation, Disney or otherwise, is Night on Bald
Mountain.  Considering the lack of merchandise of Chernobog, I doubt he
has appeared in a Disney comic.

> Jellybean (is that a real name?):
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > At this exact moment in time I am awake while you are all sleeping.
> This reminds me of a gag on the back of one of the old Gladstone comics.
> A man walks on the street with a sign, saying "The world could end tomorrow".
> "Nonsense!", says Scrooge, "It's already tomorrow in New Zealand!"

California proverb: "Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow."

Would anyone care to post other pearls of wisdom from the Ducks?

Torsten 	torsten at	Omaha, NE, USA

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