Italian Disney Comic Book

Jamal Hannah jamal at
Mon Mar 29 20:34:01 CEST 1993

Hi.. I was wondering, Luigi, since you are Italian.. what is the translation
of the name of the book "Il Grandi Classici Disney"?  This is a rather
thick book that I used to find uin a newsstand that was obviously from
Italy.  I bought a couple issues because some of the art was very good
(better than american Diney Comics before we got people like Don Rosa
doing Donald Duck, John Blair Moore/Gary Martin doing Darkwing Duck
(very nice artwork, thought he backgrounds are minimal), and simmilarly
decent artists doing the comics based on the Disney Aftenoon series.

I remember one Italian Uncle Scrooge story where he had a friend or
relative who had telepathic powers. Ever seen that?

  - Jamal

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