Mickey's wedding- FINAL /more

luigi bevilacqua bevilal at dsi.unimi.it
Tue Mar 30 16:58:36 CEST 1993


On Mon, 29 Mar 1993, Torsten Wesley Adair answered:

> Is there a Disney cartoon where Mickey gets married?

I don't know. I never saw it.

> Why didn't the father just magic away Samantha's knowledge of witchcraft?

Maybe because Samantha can use magic inconsciously (is this word right?) 
snapping in a particular moment.

> And is the sorceror related to Magica de Spell, and/or Yen Sid?

No, of course! They are not ducks!
Who is Yen Sid? 

> And was Samantha more likable than Minnie?

More and more beautiful! She is pink (not black and white like Minnie)
and she is more ...uuhhmm... female!

> And why does Mickey have such a high voice?

A high voice? It's a comic book! There is no voice at all!
I'm kidding...
You are intending about cartoons, aren't you?

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