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luigi bevilacqua bevilal at
Wed Mar 31 13:13:51 CEST 1993


If we want to have a good list of names we need to update it in
an handy way.


- Anyone can modify the list?
  (in this case we need update-time, is Greenwich time good for everybody?)

- Or just Per Starback updates the list.
  (Do you agree, Per?)

In my opinion it is better to have a little character description after
English name, especially if the character is not very important.
The list needs also the COMPLETE name. For example: Uncle Scrooge.
The name is Scrooge McDuck/Uncle Scrooge in English and
Paperon de' Paperoni/Zio Paperone in Italian.
The nephews call him Zio Paperone, foreigners call him Paperon de' Paperoni.
Should we write the relative word, like uncle or hunt?
Donald Duck/Uncle Donald  ===  Paolino Paperino/Paperino/Zio Paperino
So, what do we do?

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