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Date: 10-31-93  1:21am
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Subj: Disney-comics digest #143.


	Don Rosa		+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #142.

Date: 29 Oct 93 20:59:18 EDT
From: Don Rosa <72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM>
Subject: +Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #142.

Only comment on #142:
Mattias:  No, I really didn't investigate the climate around Eureka
much. It'll just hafta do. 
	And you say it didn't snow in LA when you were there. I've only
been there ONE time in 1989 when Disney TV flew me out for conferences
on the creation of that TALE SPIN series I was briefly involved in
before I found that Egmont had sue of me. But when I was there it SNOWED
HEAVILLY. Several inches on the ground! First time since 1947 that there
was snow in Hollywood, and I saw it. Actually, not much fell at the
hotel I was staying in town, but when the Disney producer pulled up out
front to pick me up, his car was covered with several inches of snow
from just a few miles away -- and I thought the hotel staff was going to
collectively pass out. I mean, imagine, the first snowfall in over 40

	Anyway, before I leave, what parting thoughts might I have. I
can say that I did the cover for Gladstone's issue of U$ with part 1 of
my "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" and yesterday I went over the
coloring of that story with the colorist. And the last thing I did today
was send off the new cover for the same chapter of the series which will
be appearing in a new German album publication which will probably be
titles "THE DON ROSA LIBRARY" unless saner heads prevail. This will be a
companion to their CARL BARKS LIBRARY, and why not, since they won't
hafta pay me any royalties either!

	And with that bit of bragging, I now disappear for one week.


(End of digest.)

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