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Tue Nov 2 18:45:42 CET 1993

Geir sez:
>I noticed that this person Mickey Mouse, whom you seem to not want to have
>in the Duckburg universe, pops up here and there. In Nobodys Business,
>Gladstone is reading a Mickey Mouse comic. And in that one story you did
>for Disney (New DDA 1) about digging after coins in Scrooges bin, one of
>the coins in the splash panel has a Mickey head on it. 

I'm not sure if this is the same story, but I seem to remember seeing
Gladstone also reading a "Pluto" comic and others as well, but *no*
comics with any ducks in them.  Which could actually lead to the
argument that in Don's Duckburg universe, Mickey doesn't exist at all,
he's merely a comic-book character.

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