A Duck's-Eye View of Europe

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sun Nov 7 20:28:26 CET 1993

(I have lots of old mail I'm planning to comment on, but I'll get back
to that later.  For now the following will have to do:)

Geir> I just got Barkses schedule in the mail for his visit to Europe
Geir> next year.  Do you want me to print it in the list or have you
Geir> all got the info some way?

me> I don't have it.  I don't think NAFS(k) has it at all.  John
me> Nicholson was going to send it to us, but [...]

I meant John Nichols, of course...  Well, now NAFS(k) has gotten the
program as well (from Dana Gabbard I think).  We're being the largest
Donaldist organization in the world an' all, you'd think someone
would have told us about it before, but...

Anyway, here is the program:
Carl Barks will take part in Walt Disney Company's official
celebration of Donald Duck's 60 year birthday.  His oil paintings will
be exhibited in several galleries and museums and he will promote a
new book.  (We don't know what this book is.  Anyone?)

May 30--June 2		Reykjavik, Iceland.

June 3--5		Olso, Norway:
			Barks will be appointed honorary professor in
			literature, and gets a royal medal.

June 6--8		Bergen, Norway.

June 9--13		Copenhagen, Denmark:
			Donald's 60 years on June 9th.  Barks visits
			the queen and the Louisiana museum.

June 14--16		Helsinki, Finland:
			Barks has lunch with 200 fans, buying the
			collector's edition of his new book.

June 17--20		Stockholm, Sweden:
			Press conference June 19.

June 21--23		Berlin, Germany.

June 24--27		Paris, France:
			Barks visits EuroDisney June 26.

June 28--July 3		Munich and Stuttgart, Germany.

July 4--13		Verona, Venice, and Milan, Italy.

July 14--19		Zurich, Switzerland.

July 20--22		Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

July 23			Barks goes home again.
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