Disney-comics digest #152.

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Wed Nov 10 05:55:28 CET 1993

	Dear Folks,

	Only time for a brief message today.

	The chipmunks here in Massachusetts have long tails (not like
squirrels' tails -- kinda like cats' tails with a little more of that
chemistry-lab-pipe-cleaning-device look.  This in contrast to Chip and
Dale, whose tails are almost like mammalian versions of Donald's.

	It sounds like the Lo$ 9 is perhaps the most striking moment
in all of Duck comics.  I hate to say it, though, but... does it ever
occur to you, Don, that Disney may refuse to let Gladstone print it?
If they begin clamping down (the most obvious references, it seems,
will be this chapter and the Bombie one), what is gonna *happen* to
this masterpiece?

	If such an argument does come up, you *can* acknowledge that
Disney has okayed comic versions of their films BAMBI and THE PRINCE
AND THE PAUPER which both included characters dying (offscreen, but
with reactions onscreen).  Also, US 251 included a story written by
Bob Foster and *painted* by someone, called "'Tis the Season," in
which death and grief were the main subject (and Scrooge's reaction to
them).  That story struck me as the most emotional Duck story since
"Back to the Klondike" (it's also *much* more *overt* than "Klondike")
at its time.  Perhaps it would give you some leverage.

	Your concerned friend,


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