Mark A Mcconnell mark_m at super7.uccs.edu
Wed Nov 10 15:32:34 CET 1993

Mr. Rosa,

I would like to commend you on your recent covers at Gladstone (since that
is the only new stuff I have been seeing, in anticipation of the Life of
Scrooge series).  I am a recent duck fan.  I've been only reading duck stories
for about three years, and am just now recognizing your style versus Van Horn's
and the rest.

I truly love the amount of detail you put into every cover you do, and 
am wondering what kind of research you do for those covers.  You amaze me
nearly every time.

Lastly, someone recently showed me an addition you do to your covers, which
"forced" me to go back over old Rosa duck issues.  They say you put D U C K
on your covers with only a few exceptions.  Did your famous letters make it
on the Donald Duck cover with the Vikings?  I can't seem to find them on that

Mark McConnell

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