+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #153.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Nov 11 15:41:12 CET 1993


	I just reread the last Digest just before I deleted it, and I
see you were wondering about something I'd said about "249,999,999
readers". YIPES! I meant 249,999 readers!!! I had a whole extra pile of
9's in there!!!

	It reminds me of what Jethro Bodine once said concerning what he
was learning in his Beverly Hills school: "Y'know, Uncle Jed... the
funny thing about noughts (0's) is that by themselves they ain't worth
shucks... but you start pilin' 'em up behind some OTHER number, and them
lil' rascals is DYNAMITE!!!"

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