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Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu
Sun Nov 14 21:13:19 CET 1993

On 14 Nov 1993, Don Rosa wrote: 
> Here's that German article I referred with the translation. This appeared
> last week in the German news magazine FOCUS which they say is like their
> version of NEWSWEEK or something. 

It looks more like Time.  I prefer Der Spiegel.

> The article was a full page and reprinted panels from the first page of my
> "The Duck who Fell to Earth", including the first panel where DD & U$ are
> walking through an area of junk yards to get to $crooge's salvage yard... 
> Duckburg, clean middle class home of Donald Duck, is totally rotten;  the 
> once so cared for streets have ugly potholes; in the once so nice gardens
> you find car wrecks, and rats chase stray cats through the streets.  Such
> conditions irritate the American Disney fans because they remind them more
> of the dirty world of "Fritz the Cat" than of Duckburg where, according to
> Disney, everything should be clean forever and its 
> inhabitants should always stay the same.
	So, Don, when will Scrooge and Company visit Rio de Janiero for
Carnivale?  And what does the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook have to say
about it?
	I was a bit shocked when I saw that scene, but I like a bit of
realism in my comic books.  What?  You expect a garbage dump to look
spotless?  Maybe at DisneyWorld. 

Two positives: 
	1) They spelled your name right.
	2) As a librarian who followed last year's brouhaha over Madonna's
_Sex_, I will guarantee that you will probably sell more copies, because
more people will be wanting to read this "pornographic" Disney.  I don't
think you need to be worried about public opinion making it's way to
Disney.  Unless, of course, the American media blows it out of proportion. 
In which case, you will sell even more copies.  Personally, I think the
media reaction will be more like the Death of Superman instead of the
Death of Frankenstein.

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