David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at
Mon Nov 15 00:17:29 CET 1993

	Dear Folks,

	Nothing to do today but spread some news!

	Last night I talked with Anina Bennett from Egmont, and it
turns out that they have now accepted and purchased my SECOND Duck
story, "Pork-Barrel Politics" (a sequel to "The Think Box Bollix")!!!

	It'll be eons till it's drawn -- let alone printed -- given
how Egmont sits on stories... but I can at least promise you a good
story when it's eventually printed.

	And my third story, "Rolling in Dough" featuring Donald and
Bornworthy against the Beagle Boys, is almost finished.

	(I'm talking original stories, as opposed to the dialogs of
foreign stories, done for Gladstone)

	Whoopee!  Hotcha!  Hot Diggety Dog!  Yowie!

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

	"What a peculiar language these natives speak!"
	<David.A.Gerstein at>

	P. S.  Don, why have we never seen Bornworthy in one of your
stories?  (Okay, he *might* be in "Fir-Tree Fracas"... I can't
remember right now.  But I mean a major role...)

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