Details on details...

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at
Wed Nov 17 09:54:50 CET 1993


    Of course I reacted to that German tripe! It made me sick to my stomach, if
not necessarily literally, at least figuratively speaking!!! The reason I
didn't say much about it is, I guess, basically because I figured everyone  on
this list would and does react pretty much as I did - we all know it is a
trashy piece of hogwash; albeit unfortunately rather cleverly disguised by
enough facts (like, they spell your name right, and you ARE working on a story
about $crooge's life etc.) to make it seem informed to the UNinformed average
German reader of the feature. Which of course makes it's (probably) malicious
intent all the more malicious... Yuk! Sick to my stomach... believe me!

But I didn't and don't see much point in ARGUING against it on THIS LIST,
really, because I just can't concieve any of us BELIEVING such crappy nonsense!

What I do, however, intend to do, and actually have been planning to do for
quite some time now, is to write a feature of my own about Lo$, to appear in
NAFS(k)uriren, and if it turns out well enough, possibly to translate it and
offer it to, well, Der Donaldist, Duckburg Times and/or The Barks Collector.

This, of course, won't go a very long way towards rectifying the maliciously
slanted slander against you in that article, since I will still be talking only
to those already in the know, but... what can one do, really?

And huccome they're DOING this to you in the first place?

Your concerned friend


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