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Gilbert Milburn gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu
Wed Nov 17 02:04:34 CET 1993

Hello everyone, LONG TIME NO ANYTHING!!...

       Sorry, I haven't kept up with my posts, but it's been a *VERY* difficult
semester this time!  This maybe my last one for awhile so, I'll get on with
it!..  (To address some of the post in: Disney-comics digest #158.)

First off to (*IF* you can see this!):
Tom Johnston <tpjg9663 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu> 
Horace G. Mitchell <hmitchel at vlasov.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Travis L Searls <tlsearl0 at corp890.wcc.com>

       Welcome aboard!.. because Per is usually very busy maybe Harry, Torsten
or somebody else can handle your initiation!   >;-D

Now on to this one:
> Subject: Rosa rebuked in Germany... by whom?

According to David A Gerstein <David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu>:

>      The German article making gross generalizations and
> out-and-out misrepresentations of Don Rosa's work came as a real
> shock.  What's more, Don mentioned that he thought he knew who was
> behind it.  The now-infamous Grandeys?  *Who*?
       As many of you know I have been a Rosa fan even before he was doing
Disney Comics'.  And I get pretty fed up with all these so called "know-it-
alls" who continually *TRASH* him!

>      To be 100% fair, I noticed a bit of resemblance to R. Crumb's
> stuff in the very earliest Rosa stories, [...]
       Hmmmmm?.. I've never made that connection!  Interesting, however I not
too sure about Don work having any resemblance to that of R. Crumb's!.. want
do you think, Don??

>      The complaints about Rosa in this article are virtually
> identical to the few anti-Rosa letters I saw in the old Gladstone
> comics.  (I saw no anti-Rosa letters in Disney's comics, although
> there were a great deal of anti-Van-Horn letters.)  Nothing new under
> the sun.
       YES, unfortunately this is the case most of the time!  I don't see why
people can't just let Don do what he loves doing with out always telling him
that: "You Sir, are NO Barks!"  Who cares, who is anyway?!?  They don't
ridicule Van Horn or any of the rest, so why do they consistently devour Don

>      But when Don's style has matured so greatly from its original
> feel (I'd say that perhaps the Crumb-like feeling is strongest in
> "Nobody's Business"), it doesn't surprise me that these letters are
> fewer now.  Undoubtedly this very one-sided article is a last stand
> from those who *don't* like Rosa.  I'm not one of this party.
> [SNIP!]
>      I don't think that the authors of that article would have
> liked the version of Scrooge's biography that Disney might have done
> had Don not taken up the project.  If they don't like the LO$, they
> don't know how much worse it could be.
       Don's style can't help but to mature over time, as a fellow artist I
know from experience that if you work on anything long enough you naturally
get better at it and continually improve!

       Anyways, If somebody knows ANYTHING, *please* post it to the

Your concerned fan and friend,


Gil Milburn <gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu>

"Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father; prepare to die!" 

P.S.  I sent this early today (around 1:30 pm EDT) but It looks like it
bounced... so here we go again!

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