Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Nov 17 17:52:00 CET 1993

Reply to Mattias:
> Jes' an idear, don't y'know, but h'bout it?

Maybe you can explain why you spell your English like this? Is this really
how they speak English in Sweden? 8-)

For me, who has English only as a second language, the spelling of your mails
make them a bit more difficult to read.

Mayby I shoot rite my Anglish wuhds jusst like dey are pronounst in Holland?


Reply to Gil:
>       Welcome aboard!.. because Per is usually very busy maybe Harry, Torsten
> or somebody else can handle your initiation!   >;-D

Technically, we can't do anything to add people to the mailing list. That's
on Per's machine and Per is the only one authorized on that machine.

But we can make up some initiation rites, if you want. Like: newcomers should 
answer the next question correctly: "do you think Chip 'n' Dale are cute?"


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