Chris Lawton clawton at TFS.COM
Wed Nov 17 19:54:00 CET 1993

>Howdy, y'all, in that great donaldistic multitude that constitutes this list!

>I'm a bit curious: Per, or someone, just how many of us are there now - and
>who are we, actually? Would it be possible to put together some sort of
>presentation digest, or something, with short introduc(k)tions from each and
>all of us? Where we live, what we do - anything we'd like to mention...

>Jes' an idear, don't y'know, but h'bout it?


>(Who already posted an introduc(k)tion of hisself on the list, some time ago)

I like this idea!

Chris 	Mickey's #1 Fan!! :) :)

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