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 On Tue, 16 Nov 1993, Mattias Hallin wrote:
 > And, yeah - speaking of thorough... Don: I'm curious if this was intentional on
 > your part, or if I'm just constructing things out of thin air, but in the South
 > African episode, in the molasses-and-feathers sequence, it seems to me that
 > $crooge fires his two revolvers a total of 12 times (once to break the molasses
 > jar; thrice in the next panel to rip up the feather-bed (I counted the
 > muzzle-flames); and eight times into the ground (counting the bullet-holes in
 > the ground); and then in the next panel where Flintheart is running away, and
 > $crooge is reloading his gun, there is 12 spent cartridges on the ground... Is
 > all this intentional? I mean, it makes sense, since the usual revolver chambers
 > six rounds, and 2x6=12... If so, then that is what I call attention to detail!
 That sounds careless. The standard procedure was.. Ten bullets in two
 guns, not twelwe. That's because the chamber right beneath the hammer
 is almost always empty to avoid accidents. Even today we are teached to
 have an empty chamber in my profession. On the other hand, does $crooge
 reload right *before* the gunfight ( I don't remember ) then he would fill
 them up.
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