An updated list of the changed/censored stories

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Nov 22 10:41:52 CET 1993

Some remarks on David's updated list:

>   Four Color xxx, Land of the Totem Poles: Indians' dialogue
>            rewritten in DD 278 printing (status in CBL II unknown?)

That's FC 263, and the CBL has original dialogue.

>   Uncle Scrooge xx, How Green Was My Lettuce:  Missing art restored; a
>            figure of Scrooge added in silhouette to one panel and two new
>            inserted panels by Don Rosa (to bridge additional 
>            still-missing art) in US 241.

US 51.
Same in CBL, except for the 2 Rosa panels (space filled with text in stead).

>   B&G March Of Comics 20, Darkest Africa: natives (cannibals) changed; one
>            panel missing. The story has been reinked, page 1-5 and 10
>            by Daan Jippes, the other pages by Dutch artist Dick Vlottes.

Where did you get the information that Jippes inked pages 5 and 10 as well?

>   B&G March Of Comics 41, Race to the South Seas: (...) Name on
>            newspaper, 'Dagobert McDuck,' left unchanged from Dutch in 
>            both reprints.

Does it really say 'McDuck'? In Holland, $crooge is called 'Dagobert Duck'.

> 	Is this okay?  Note that I can't remember the number of two or
> three issues... this seems like a good idea for a new list to put on
> ftp, but it would be a good idea to restore the numbers first.

..and add other information we already have... I remember Per posting
information about textual changes in some Barks stories.
I could look it up; I could also start making a FAQ, but there's one thing
that withholds me: I don't have the time at the moment...


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