Idenification in the Wild West bjorn-are.davidsen at
Wed Nov 24 09:29:22 CET 1993

Don and Bror!

Just some words on the identity of this "guy" in Lo$3. I think the problem is not 
that Europeans (like Bror) have the wrong opinion on the (right) guy, but that Bror 
may have the right opinion of the wrong guy. 

In other words, if I am correct (and I may be wrong) Bror har mistaken the person 
for another one, more concerned with exterminating large animals on the plains, 
Wild West Circuses and Sitting Bulls, not to mention his long beard and bandit 
mustache, than with politics, environmentalism or liberating islands. 

I also think that most Europeans just know too little of the person in Lo$3, as he 
has been almost completely overshadowed by his later namesake.

Bj|rn Are (still very much into history).
Bjorn-Are.Davidsen at

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