Juuso Paaso bizar at pcuf.fi
Wed Nov 24 15:01:42 CET 1993

  Well, this is my first posting to the list. You know, things like this seem
very surreal, for you can like 'talk' to someone who you honor a sub-god
(like Don Rosa :) and so... Amazing. Much more from what I have used to.
Better get to the point.
  So, first of all, I would like to wonder, why on the list of Disney-comics
Don Rosa has drawn, in the Scandinavian paragraph there are no Finnish comics
If this is because of your lack of knowledge about Finnish publications, I
sure could help.
  And then, I would like to inquire from Don, if you have drawn any other 
comics than Disney-comics? It sure would be a pleasure to read those, too.
  But better stop now. Sorry, if my English is not very understandable, but
in this kind of fever I can't think up straight. Better lay down.
    Thank you in advance,
              Juuso Paaso

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