List of introduc(k)tions on the list?!

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at
Wed Nov 24 16:02:03 CET 1993

Would I be willing to do the actual (shudder!) WORK??? Yes! BUT!!! Please,
every-one, do NOT start sending me any curriculums or introduc(k)tions YET; but
give me a few days to work out the details, if any, with Per. So... I'm the
first of those of us who has suggested communal projects lately who actually
also volunteers to do the work...?! (add 50 words of bragging & self-praise

What I think I'd like to do is collect REASONABLY SHORT personal presentations
from all of those on the list who want to be in such a digest and paste them
into such a digest, and then keep it reasonably updated and posted at suitably
regular/irregular intervals.

BUT don't send me ANYTHING YET!

I do however think it would be nice to know a little more about ones electronic
friends all over the world - after all, one of the major fringe-benefits in
this non-yuppish, un-fringe-beneficial fandom environment IS the amazing
collection of healthily insane and very nice people one gets to know!!! (Not to
mention the benefits of an international set of pads to crash when
traveling abroad.)

Anyway, Per - I think I'd like to discuss this with you in some further detail,
but for the other's sake we should perhaps keep that discussion of the list?
And we can, I assume, talk it over when me meet in Stockholm this week-end.


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