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Wed Nov 24 18:25:36 CET 1993

Jon C. Lorentzen had another addition to the "changed stories" list:

> In the story where Donald becomes obsessed with fire, and runs around
> all over Duckburg makin fires (square fires, round fires etc. :)), I believe
> there was inserted a badly drawn panel in the end, where Donald wakes
> up in bed. Making the entire story a bad dream.

I think changes like this should go in another list, because they were made
BEFORE the story was published the first time. I made a list of changes like
this, long ago, and you can find it and the end of this mail. I just translated
it from Dutch into (bad) English.

The list is not quite complete: I didn't list small textual changes (e.g. in
Barks' Junior Woodchuck stories); I removed covers and non-Barks stories from
the list. 

Data is from Michael Barrier's "Carl Barks and the art of the comic book", and
from The Carl Barks Library (which I don't have: Daniel van Eijmeren gave me
the info).

Description of changes is very short. The list was meant for quick reference,
not as an extensive description list of all the changes.

See if you like it.


Changes are made either by the editor or by Barks himself. In the latter case,
the change is preceded by "Barks:".

    WDC  42     (kite weather) layout 10 x 3 rows -> 7 x 4 rows.
    WDC  63     last panel: halos added (?)
    WDC 147     row 2, 3 and 4 of pg. 1 lowered.
    WDC 157     Barks: final 3 panels changed into dream ending.
    WDC 175     (taffy) Barks: changed after inking
    WDC 247     (the madcap mariner) 1 page deleted.
    WDC 249     (stranger than fiction) 1 page deleted.
    WDC 259     (jungle bungle) Barks: splash panel (and probably panel 2)
    OS 108c     (the firebug) final two panels replaced by non-Barks.
    OS 203a     (the golden christmas tree) text changed on final page (panels
                2 - 5).
                Barks: some redrawn (half) pages between pg. 10 and 18.
    OS 238a     (voodoo hoodoo) Bombies eyelids added.
                + textual changes "dead" -> "done for"
    DD 26a      (trick or treat) 8 pages removed.
                Barks: splash panel (1/2 page) replaced by 1 1/2 new pages.
    DD 45       (dog catcher) 8 panels removed, row 3 and 4 on page 5 are
                in wrong order.
    DD 138      (a day in a duck's life) 14-pg script reduced to 13 pg.
    OS 456a     (back to the klondike) 5 pages removed.
    US  8a      (petrifying ray) Barks: story changed after inking parts.
    US 12a      (the golden fleecing) 1 panel removed on pg. 31; layout pg.
                31 and 32 messed up.
                Barks: 2 panels redrawn. Text changes: 'Harpies' -> 'Larkies'.
    US 13a      (land beneath the ground) Barks: shortened 32 -> 28 pg.
    US 22a      (the golden river) Barks: 1 1/8 pg. replaced.
    US 32a      (that's no fable) Barks: 2 panels replaced after inking.
    US 34a      (mythtic mystery) 2 pages cut.
    US 50a      (rug riders in the sky) 1 page cut.
    US 51a      (how green was my lettuce) 2 pages cut.
    US 63a      (house of haunts) title changed (was: "His shining hour").
    OS 495      (watertank money bin) Barks: story changed (shortened?)
    US 13g      (Gyro: lightning) Barks: HDL replaced by Morty and Ferdie.
    US 14g      (Guro) Barks: Donald replaced by Speedy.
    OS 1184     (Gyro) 3 pages cut, somewhere in 1 or more of the 4 stories.

[Script only:]
    JW  7       14-pg. script stretched to 17 pg.
    JW 14       script 12 pg. -> 13 pg.
    JW 17       script adjusted, Barks: last 1/2 pg. changed
    JW 19       script 16 pg. -> 17 pg.
    JW 22       script 16 pg. -> 15 pg.

    DD 51       1-page gag reduced to 1/2 page. (?)

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