The Don Rosa index

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Nov 24 18:47:41 CET 1993

Per Starback replied to Juuso Paaso:

> The reason there is no information on Finnish publications of Rosa's
> comics [in our 'don-rosa' index] is because noone has collected it
> for us, so you're very much
> welcome to do that.  This one-column-for-every-country format isn't
> very practical as the number of countries in the index increase, by
> the way.

I think the Dutch column could be replaced by Finnish or so. It's a bit
weird to remove Scandinavian issues from the list, since they can be
considered _original_ publications of Don's Egmont stories.

Dutch information would still be available in my "dutch/index" on ftp, or
we could make a separate "don-rosa.holland" file.


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