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Thu Nov 25 10:13:23 CET 1993


Thanks for clearing up my misunderstanding regarding
your identitification of that now much mentioned 
mysterious (or not so much after all this discussion?)
character in Lo$3! 
I thought your mentioning of buffaloes was something
you found typical of that "guy" (and therefore that you 
had got the identity wrong). I see now you were right, 
even if the buffalo extermination may have been a bit 
more incidential than typical for this person (he was 
quite young at the time).  

I guess the nice thing about such discussions is that
they may confirm Don's opinion on Europeans not being
so ignorant on details in American history.

By the way: One of the really great thinks about Don's 
stories (and that other guy's, called  Barks or something)
is that they stimulate thoughts and discussions on 
details, sources, plots, persons and world views (like
that praiseworthy scene on the last page og Lo$9!).
In fact, it's almost  like REAL literature... 

Bj|rn Are

P.S. Are the length of my lines better now?

(Bjorn-Are.Davidsen at s.televerket.tele.no)

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