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Thu Nov 25 13:01:22 CET 1993

Fredrik Ekmann wrote:

>Bjorn-Are Davidsen wrote:
>>By the way: One of the really great thinks about Don's 
>>stories (and that other guy's, called  Barks or something)
>>is that they stimulate thoughts and discussions on 
>>details, sources, plots, persons and world views (like
>>that praiseworthy scene on the last page og Lo$9!).
>>In fact, it's almost  like REAL literature... 

>So, what's so unreal about comics? Why _shouldn't_ comics
>be this way? After all, the only major difference between
>comics and other litterature is that comics have pictures.
>This shouldn't stop writers from making interesting/funny/
>exciting/philosophical/litterary (pick any one or substitute
>for your favourite) stories. Or..?

No indeed, why not?

As a lover of all kinds of good literature (including comics)
I fully, totally, completely and absolutely agree, yes sir!!!

Bj|rn Are

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