"Comics are litterature!"

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at krokis.pt.hk-r.se
Fri Nov 26 11:55:26 CET 1993

As much as I enjoy this kind of discussion, I wouldn't like to see it
go on eternally, so this will probably be my final word on the matter.

And whatever anyone may have read out of my previous message, I don't
think that comics should be regarded as litterature. I DO think,
however that comics should not be judged in any different way than
other kinds of art/litterature.

Let me explain: Noone ever tried to compare the finer points of "War
and Peace" to those of "Lost in the Andes". That wouldn't be relevant,
nor would the opposite. But it is relevant to compare "War and Peace"
with other works of litterature of its time. And just as relevant to
compare "Lost in the Andes" to other comics of that time.

Don, of course, has a very relevant point in saying that comics should
just be read for pure enjoyment. That goes for his comics as well as
ANY good comics. But, again, why should that be different from any
kind of written litterature? Why would it be impossible to enjoy
Dostoyevsky or Kafka? After all, there is a reason that their works
have survived as classics. And that reason is NOT that they have been
analyzed into the bare bone by scholars.

OK, so comics are "escapist entertainment". To a certain level, I
agree! But to the same level, I consider Dostoyevsky to be escapist
entertainment. And there's nothing wrong with that.


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