"Bugged by Humbuggery"

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Mon Nov 29 23:34:40 CET 1993

	Dear Folks,

	I've just gotten two copies of WDC&S 589, the first published
of my foreign dialog jobs for Gladstone.  I'd like to hear your
criticism and comments, but first a few minor statements of my own:

	Pages 1 and 7 have slightly stiff writing.  I should have
changed it before they went to press, but I dumbly failed to.  Oh,

	Many of the ducks' lines end in periods in the published
version.  As I originally wrote the script, these were all exclamation
points, but obviously the vertical lines on some weren't very clear.
Gotta tell John that I always end sentences with exclamation points...

	The brilliant Danish pun on page 3 (I won't spoil it) was John
Clark's idea, not my own.  In fact, I had no idea he was going to do
it until I saw it here.  It's *swell!!*  I wish *I'd* thought of it.

	John also changed some lice on the last page to fleas.  Maybe
this was Disney's request?  Anyway, I *do* know that apes eat lice,
not fleas... and the story originally read that way.

	'Nuff said.  I hope you enjoy the story, folks, and don't
hesitate to send me scalding flames since I want to improve, but

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

	P. S.  The stories I announced of mine which were scheduled
for US 285 and WDC&S 591 have been pushed back, since the proofs
*still* haven't come in from Egmont and Oberon.  Phooey!  At least
there's still DDA 25 in the foreseeable future... but by the time it's
published, I'm sure I'll have found dozens of things in *there* I
could have improved, too.  Ah, me...

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