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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sun Oct 24 13:13:18 CET 1993

David wrote on Jack Hannah:
>	Mr. Hannah did half of "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold," art
> only, while Barks did the other half.  Hannah then did:

>	"School Days," a pretty good story in WDC&S 37;
>	"Santa Claus' Visit," another good one in a special giveaway
> WDC&S made for toy stores -- NOT Firestone -- in 1943's Xmas season;
> 	and "Sleepy Time Donald," in WDC&S 78. [...]

Add to that at least "DD's Big Blowout" (DDOS 147) and two 30-page
Cheerious Premiums giveaways: "DD and the Pirates" in issue W1, and
"DD Pilots of Jet Plane" in issue Z1 (these are those giveaways that
Barks's "DD's Atom Bomb" is issue Y1 of).  Not that I have read any of
the Hannah stories I list here. :-(
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