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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Thu Aug 4 09:19:30 CEST 1994

San Diego
On july 18th, David wrote:

> I proudly announce DISNEY COMICS:  INTO THE FUTURE.  This discussion
> panel will be meeting right in the thick of the San Diego Comic
> Convention:  on Friday, August 5, at 5:00 PM

and David asked me to tell you that Daan Jippes will also join the panel.
(Better late than never...)
I won't be in San Diego myself... the only time I was there, I missed
the Dutch comic convention in Breda at that same day.

German Rosa
For whoever is interested: Rosa's Lo$ chapter 6 has been published in
this week's Micky Maus #31. Chapter 7 is announced for MM #34.

Gladstone's albums
I bought Gladstone's album "The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures
in Color" number 6. It's the first album in the CBLoDDAiC series that
contains giveaway stories: "Maharajah Donald" and "Peaceful Hills" (MOC 4),
"Atom Bomb" (Cheerio) and "DD tells about Kites". The quality of the stories
is like in the (B/W) CB Library: Atom Bomb is mostly re-inked by Jippes,
and "Kites" is heavily restored. The credits say no word about this.

The cover is derived from the first panel of "Maharajah", but with the
nephew's beaks shown. The beaks are awfully drawn, and it spoils the entire

Furthermore, Gladstone added some "interior covers", full-page drawings,
not by Barks, but by someone who should not be allowed to draw Ducks!

Album #7 continues the series of Four Color reprints (FC #159).


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