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Ole RoC about:
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>  A 17 volume/6000 pages B/W library in Dutch from Editions Loeb for
> only 49,50 guilders each. At a total of approximately 500 US$, it is a
> very cheap buy. But 6000 pages? The ad is illustrated with Barks' only
> Mickey story, so that one's there, but how about the last 371 pages?

The library contains all stories that Barks INKED. So the Junior Woodchuck
stories (and a few others), for which he did the script only, are not
included. The editor plans to publish an 18th volume with those stories,
when and if Daan Jippes re-inked them. (They think Barks's pencils or
Strobl's/Wright's art is not attractive enough to publish.)

The publisher used my Carl Barks index to be sure that all stories were
reprinted. They are reprinted (for the first time anywhere?) in the
order that Barks MADE them. I tried to have them re-translate and re-letter
some of the stories, or use a better version if they had re-inked versions
before, but I didn't succeed much. A lot of giveaway stories (and the
Mickey story you mentioned) are in a re-inked form.

The library also contains all of Barks' published covers, except 2. They
copied the covers from the (USA) CBL, and put 9 covers on one page.
There are 2 covers missing because Thom Roep couldn't find them in the CBL
(and he didn't ask me 8-( ).

It's quite a good library, but a real Barks fan would want the original
English stories anyway...

> BTW: Is the publisher the one with the Latin and Greek bilingual texts
> that stocked the shelves at university, when I was a philologist?

The publisher is the same one that publishes the DD Weekly, formerly Oberon.
The initiative (and financial risk) was taken by the Amsterdam comic book 
shop "Professor Ich" (named after a comic character by Fred Julsing).

> [..] a new serial in Dutch DD, where Matena draws in a new style.

He uses this style a few years now. He made comic versions of famous Dutch
children's books (Pietje Bell, Dick Trom, Kruimeltje). This new story
(Afke's Tiental) is another story in the series.


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