Noone is reading this?

Fabio Gadducci gadducci at DI.UniPi.IT
Wed Aug 17 17:47:40 CEST 1994

>> Why do I get the feeling that no one is reading these Digests these days?
>1. It _is_ hot in Europe. In Holland it is the hottest summer since
>   1807 or so.
>2. I _do_ read the digests. On the beach.
>3. Normally, I only reply if there is something to reply. And I seldom
>   start new subjects.
>> I'm whacky?
>I think you can answer that yourself.. 8-)

I'm here, too, but it is too hot to reply, or to think of a new subject...

In my office it is 40C.



PS Don, did you get my mail? We had some problem here with the e-mail,
during the previous week: I can send it again, in you didn't get it.

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