Disney-comics digest #407.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Thu Aug 18 05:11:59 CEST 1994

	Did I get your mail? I got an E-Mail from you -- didn't you get
a response? I hate to have you send it (and me pay for it) again if I
already received it -- what were the general contents? Maybe you just
didn't get my response, whatever it was.

	News from San Diego? Among other items, I bought issues of
OZZIE AND HARRIETT which completed my sets.
	Oh, you mean Disney comics news? No, there was nothing said on
the panel that you people don't know far more details of already.
	I did find out later that Heidi MacDonald, who was supposed to
show up on this Digest but never has for some reason, was offended that
she wasn't invited to be on the panel as representing the Disney TV
comics (as seen in DISNEY ADVENTURES digest). I told her that nobody
intended to offend anyone, but that I just didn't think that the fans of
Disney comics... at least the fans who go to conventions or are involved
in things like this computer BBS... think of comics about "Darkwing
Duck" or "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" when they want to talk about
"Disney comics". I think I assume that all adult Disney comics fans are
strictly interested in the old newspaper strips or Dell versions of the
characters, and that it just didn't enter our minds to invite someone
involved in the TV comics. As evidence, I notice the subject of Darkwing
Duck and that ilk never comes up on here... but maybe I'm just going by
my own preferences?
	So, now I'm curious -- is there any interest here in what
happens to the "Rescue Rangers" or in a "Tale Spin" comic book? Was an
important topic missed by not discussing Disney TV comics on the San
Diego panel?
	I didn't get a chance to talk to Daan Jippes... but I discovered
why when Grandey, speaking with Barks' voice, condemns my work and
praises both Van Horn's and Jippes'; as I suspected, Grandey is the
sales agent for both of them.

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